ASANO Katsumi "Psyche"

A clear crystal of beauty filled with a mysterious sparkle.

Covers for Hiroko Minagawa, Tanith Lee, Shakespeare works by Shincho Bunko, etc.

The long-awaited first art book from Katsumi Asano, who continues to fascinate viewers with an aesthetic and fantastic world view, such as the illustrations of "Poetry and Fairy Tales"!


The clear beauty emits a sharp light and hits the eye directly.

Katsumi Asano's work is characterized by the absence of morbid elements reminiscent of fin-de-siècle painting.

Even her works with motifs of night, madness, and death show that her sane mind crystallized with astonishing concentration and advanced technique, the core of which is her Aesthetics and philosophy.

--Setsuko Shinoda (novelist)


>>Katsumi Asano

Born in Nishinomiya City, Hyogo Prefecture.

From 1984 to 1988, she studied copperplate engraving at Atelier Unevenness (Nishinomiya City, presided over by Tatsuo Jinno).

1991-2016 / She held copperplate print exhibitions every year at Tobu Department Store Ikebukuro, Gallery Tomo (Ginza), Nantenso Gallery (Kobe), Art Land Gallery (Marugame), etc.

Since 2015, she has studied under Shuji Tateishi, and she has learned the oil painting mixing technique.

2021 / Solo exhibition of her oil painting mixed technique and pencil drawing at Aoki Gallery (Ginza).

She has had numerous group exhibitions both in Japan and abroad.

She has many book illustrations and illustrations.

>>B5 size, 64 pages, 3,000yen (consumption tax not included)


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