NAKAI Musubu "The beginning, the end, and the time between them"

A utopia for those who enjoy life.

A secret garden drawn by a genius who continues to walk on the outside.


Many of Musubu Nakai's paintings are so mesmerizing that it makes me sigh, just like when I opened Mucha's art book for the first time when I was a child.

A delicate illusory world that seems to disappear if I blink. It really is like a wonderful dream and I love it...

--Jun Togawa


A theater of aesthetic fantasy where pretty girls and boys freely blossom in eroticism, between their desire for life and the premonition of death.

Musubu Nakai's long-awaited first art book!


NAKAI Musubu

Momine painter. Hikikomori.

He is from Nichinan City, Miyazaki Prefecture. He graduated from Toyotama High School.

He is rejected by Tokyo University of the Arts, Musabi, and Tamabi.

He has been a painter since 2008.


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