MIYAMOTO Kana "Let’s Continue Playing House"

Adorable and pure, but a little sick... The girls' sweet and twisted play never ends.

The long-awaited first art book that summarizes the representative works of Kana Miyamoto, a popular painter in Japan and abroad!


When I learned that "Children's pretend play has a cathartic effect that can be obtained by fulfilling the role you want to be," I felt that my urge to draw was similar to this.

The girls I draw basically do bad things in my paintings that are prohibited in reality.

Even if they shed blood, set fire to them, use violence, and cry out loud, no one criticize them.

I think it's a kind of salvation, like releasing me from oppression, and getting me to affirm the parts I don't like.

--Kana Miyamoto

>>Kana Miyamoto

1991 Born in Hokkaido

Based in Tokyo, she has exhibited both domestically and internationally.

She likes delicious things, cute things, scary things, and handicrafts.

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