Beautiful scenery of naked bodies released under the blue sky.

A group nude photo collection of Nananano, a photographer who freely unleashes the individuality of various nudes and draws a dreamy scene in that form!

◎ Special binding that opens wide and makes it easy to see photos


Nananano respects the physical individuality of her subjects.

Nananano often recruits subjects from the general public through SNS, etc., but does not conduct screening.

She accepts various nudes as individuality - that is the root of Nananano's shooting concept.

The "beauty" pursued there is the exact opposite of what is considered ideal beauty in society.

However, isn't that what "nude" should be?

Numerous nude figures unleashed in everyday life naturally create a surreal scene.

This extraordinaryness created by taking advantage of the fact that the naked body has been hidden is exactly the feeling of "VACATION".

It would be great if this spectacle could last forever and become a daily routine.

(From commentary)


photographer, nude model

Since 2015, she has held numerous solo exhibitions at Jimbocho Gallery, Taiwan Little Mocha, Span Art Gallery, Kiyoshi Art Space, bar Hoshio, and Shinjuku Ganka Gallery.

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