"Concealed Cruel Illustrations [enlarged edition]"

A cruel painting by Seiyo Usui and Takashi Shima, which was drawn only for one client and kept secret.

And Kazunori Kanze's torture painting drawn with outstanding expression.

Ultimate painful aesthetics!

* Includes 2 picture stories

Seiyo Usui "Gibbs Musume Manufacturing Clinic"

Takashi Shima "Mrs. Bandage"

Includes many precious cruel paintings owned by Abnormal Museum.

“Here, the cruelty of human beings tormenting human beings is not glorified at all, and is depicted bare.”

--Asaji Muroi

*This book is an enlarged and new covered version of "Concealed Cruel Illustrations".

Added 24 pages with new illustrations, and increased color pages!

* All color illustrations are newly published works or works that were published in black and white in the old edition.

A5 variant size, 160 pages, 2,200yen (consumption tax not included)

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